Joanna Rogers
Textile Artist
Sylvia Pankhurst's War Belt Our Last Cry --- ..- .-.  .-.. .- ... -  -.-. .-. -.-- What Once Was. Arctic Antarctic - front
New WorkThe ChorusWhat Once Was. The Apocalypse Is Now.
Sylvia Pankhurst's War Belt Installation at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery May 2024 Medusa's Cope.
Still FightingHanging By A Thread. The Illusion of PermanenceThe Robe Ward: Discomfort Zones
Here and There. Autumn. ferrous, calx, tannin, ferrous Summer Sunset on Swanson Channel
Simultaneous ImagesHand Dyed Silk ScarvesShibori Wall Hangings
Persons of Interest and Material Witnesses Waiting for the Ferry. Winter at Otter Bay. Shipwreck 1 Flotsam
Persons of Interest and Material WitnessesArteologyTextile Mosaics, Morse Code and Miscellanea
The Ethnographic Museum The Philosopher's Laboratory Panacea
Omnium-GatherumThe Philosopher's LaboratoryPanacea
Mother's Table Cloth The Garden at Whalepoint
Under Wraps - Redressing HistoryLandscapesOthers