Joanna Rogers
Textile Artist
04. Joanna Rogers  Wildflowers at Brooks Point II   40x19 Medusa's Cope. Venice With Bone
New WorkThe Robe Ward: Discomfort ZonesSimultaneous Images
Morse Code Messages: Not Waving But The Ethnographic Museum 02. Joanna Rogers   Moonlit Tide Pool   40x19
Textile Mosaics and Morse CodeOmnium-GatherumShibori Wall Hangings
Orange and turquoise scarf Same, Same But...Different Hypatia's Girdle
Hand Dyed Silk ScarvesSame, Same But...DifferentDarwin's Wardrobe
The Philosopher's Laboratory Panacea Mother's Table Cloth
The Philosopher's LaboratoryPanaceaUnder Wraps - Redressing History
The Garden at Whalepoint