Joanna Rogers
Textile Artist
I Will Arise I Will Arise ferrous, calx, tannin, ferrous
New WorkThe ChorusHand Dyed Silk Scarves
The Museum. Terpsichore. Dance Venice With Bone Persons of Interest and Material Witnesses
Shibori Wall HangingsSimultaneous ImagesPersons of Interest and Material Witnesses
Waiting for the Ferry. Winter at Otter Bay. Medusa's Cope. Shipwreck 1 Flotsam
ArteologyThe Robe Ward: Discomfort ZonesTextile Mosaics, Morse Code and Miscellanea
The Ethnographic Museum The Philosopher's Laboratory Panacea
Omnium-GatherumThe Philosopher's LaboratoryPanacea
Mother's Table Cloth The Garden at Whalepoint
Under Wraps - Redressing HistoryLandscapesOthers