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(posted on 9 Apr 2021)

A covid-style Zooislander will be online this year.

Here Zeb and I are modelling our Fibonacci sequence inspired outfits.

Zooislander 2021 Fibonacci sequence



(posted on 9 Apr 2021)

I am in Terrace, BC setting up my show, Arteology, at the beautiful Terrace Art Gallery.

I love this town. What a gorgeous location. The surrounding landscape is stunning. No wonder so many artists live here!

Go to the Arteology page for images of all the pieces in the show.



(posted on 19 Jul 2020)

feathers on quilted petals

This piece started life 18 years ago. It had become rather moth eaten and had recently found a new owner. I arranged to add new life to the tired old piece and it became this colourful and vibrant hanging.


feathers on quilted petals


This is how the original looked.

(posted on 7 Mar 2020)

On 29 February the 4th annual ZooIslander took place at the community hall on Pender Island. This year's event featured runways by Wendy Lopatecki, Deb Katz, Kate McNairn, Shelley Sarakannas, Shelley Easthope, The Nu to Yu and Jojo Spaxman. I was in Jojo's runway which gave space to Pender's fibre artisits to show their stuff. I adapted a medieval cope made out of melted painted bubble wrap in a Tumbling Cube quilt pattern, which I made way back in 1999. It tells the story of the disappearing salmon stocks off the coast of BC. 

ZooIslander 2020

Photo by Kelly Irving.

(posted on 29 Dec 2019)

zeb pangnirtung

(posted on 6 Oct 2019)

The sun came out yesterday afternoon and lit up MacKinnon Road on Pender Island. I have always loved this sleepy little road and am so happy to call it home.

view from MacKinnon Road

MacKinnon Road Pender Island

MacKinnon Road Pender Island

(posted on 6 Oct 2019)

There are some lovely weathered buildings on Pender Island. They speak of another time, of promises made and broken, of dreams yet to come.

MacKinnon Road Pender Island

On MacKinnon Road.

MacKinnon Road Pender Island

At the end of MacKinnon Road.

Clam Bay Pender Island

The Boathouse at Clam Bay.

Grimmer Bay Pender Island

Grimmer Bay.

Brooks Point Pender Island

Brooks Point.

Roesland Pender Island


I am so happy to have my piece Broken Promises. The Politician's Armour. After the Election, included in the Salt Spring National Art Prize Parallel Show at ArtSpring in Ganges, Salt Spring Island. I was lucky enough to be able to go and see this show last week and it is a beautiful, vibrant show. Gorgeous work, artfully hung in a lovely space.

salt spring national art prize parallel show

salt spring national art prize parallel show

salt spring national art prize parallel show

(posted on 9 Sep 2019)

tree stump merlin pender island



tree stump pender island


Hercules tree stump pender island

The Pillars of Hercules.


gnome tree stump pender island



Pinocchio tree stump pender island



tree stump pender island

The Man in the Iron Mask.

(posted on 9 Sep 2019)

The results of a summer rain storm.

shadow puppets rain

shadow puppet rain

shadow puppet rain on road

shadow puppet rain on road

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