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(posted on 19 Apr 2019)

natural dyes on silk joanna rogers

An array of natural dyes on different kinds of silk.

base layer of medusa's cope joanna rogers

The base layer of dyes silk noile.

second layer medusa's cope joanna rogers

The second layer.

top layer medusa's cope joanna rogers

The top layer of silk organza.

Medusa's Cope Joanna Rogers Pender Island

Medusa's Cope. The finished piece with snake skins and leaf skeletons.




(posted on 28 Mar 2019)

A huge thanks to Cherie Thiessen for writing such a wonderful article about me and my work and another huge thanks to Aqua magazine for publishing it:)

Aqua magazine Joanna Rogers Body of Work

Aqua Magazine Joanna Rogers Body of Work

(posted on 25 Feb 2019)

ZooIslander Pender Island Couture for Funerals

Couture for Funerals Runway.


A chance to use some of my bone collection!

(posted on 13 Feb 2019)

I am thrilled to have an image of one of my pieces appear in a paper written by Arnaud Quertinmont, Department Egypte/Proche-Orient Conservateur at Musee royal de Mariemont in Morlanwelz, Belgium. This paper was written to accompany an exhibit currently showing at the museum called De Lin et De Laine. Textiles Egyptiens Du 1er Millenaire. It highlights coptic textiles from the museum's collection.

Coptic Textiles Arnaud Quertinmont


Coptic Tunic Joanna Rogers

(posted on 13 Dec 2018)

I love these two signs. They illustrate the message with alarming hilarity.

Slippery When Wet


Disaster Support Hub

(posted on 13 Dec 2018)

I bought some natural dye extracts from Maiwa on Granville Island in Vancouver and have been experimenting with them for the past few weeks. Gorgeous colours and a slow, meditative process. This is the first batch of dyes on various silk fabrics.


natural dyes



(posted on 5 Dec 2018)

I love the play of light on different bodies of water at different times of day and in different seasons.

Port Browning harbour Pender Island

Browning Harbour.

Port Washington Pender Island Salt Spring

Looking out towards Salt Spring from Pender Island.

Port Washington Pender Island float plane

Float plane taking off from the Port Washington dock on Pender Island.

(posted on 7 Oct 2018)

A collection of some wonderful woodland characters.

tree stump pender island

Slightly Tipsy Stump.

tree stump pender island

Super Friendly Stump.

tree stump pender island

Wise Stump.

tree stump pender island

Flirtatious Mastodon Stump.


(posted on 7 Oct 2018)

I just finished dying some silk scarves and realized they look like stained glass as they lie on the table waiting to be ironed.

silk scarves shibori hand dyed

(posted on 30 Apr 2018)

I was lucky enough to spend a day in Toronto earlier this month and spent my time with Joe Lewis and Janet Hayward wandering around the Royal Ontario Museum and the Textile Museum. What a wonderful day. So many marvels.

A highlight of the ROM for me was this large wall piece by El Anatsui, a textile hero of mine.

El Anatsui at Royal Ontario Museum

joanna rogers with el anatsui rom


The Textile Museum was hosting an incredible exhibit of the gorgeous larger-than-life, sumptuously dyed kimono by Itchiku Kubota. This is only the second time his work has been shown in Canada. I have been a fan ever since Nicole Robillarde gave me the catalogue of his first exhibit in Hull in 1995. How amazing to be able to see his work in person!

Mount Fuji Ichiku Kubota

Ichiku Kubota



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